Under the World Handicap System anyone with a WHS Handicap Index (HI) can submit General Play scores for handicap purposes.  This can be done at WGC or any away course.
Follow the procedure as outlined below:

·        You must pre-register your intention to submit an acceptable score in general play for handicap purposes. This must be done before you start the round.

·        Pre-registration can be done via the Golf Ireland App, or manually:

·        Golf Ireland App –

·        Manually – register with the Pro-shop attendant who will record your details in the General Play Registration book

·        Check that competition play conditions over a measured course exist on the day. Please check with the Professional if in any

The following information must be included on your card:

·        Date of the round played

·        The name of your marker and WHS registration number. Your marker must be a member of an affiliated golf club and hold a current HI.

·        Your Handicap Index and Course Handicap (mandatory under Rule 3.3b(4)) NB make sure you use the correct Course Handicap Table – 18 hole or 9 hole

·        At the end of your round your score must be verified and certified by the marker.

·        Your score should be submitted as soon as possible on the day of play, after completion of the round, and before
midnight. This can be done via the Golf Ireland App. If you have pre-registered
manually, this will be done by the handicap secretary and there may be a delay in the score being updated to gold Ireland.

·        Post your signed scorecard in the relevant competition card box in the clubhouse.

·        If you have submitted your score electronically your HI will update automatically after midnight. You are strongly advised to submit your score electronically so that any prevailing playing conditions on the day of your round will be reflected in the Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC) and so that any change to your HI will be available to you the next day.
For scores which the Handicap Secretary must input on your behalf, these will
be updated to your playing record at the earliest opportunity and the Handicap
Secretary will inform you of any HI increase or decrease. Any change to your HI will therefore be delayed until this has been done, hence the importance of
electronic score entry.

·        General play cards played at away courses must be returned to the handicap secretary as soon as possible. In addition to the above, they must include the course name and address, slope rating, PCC on the day, the markers WHS registration number and club at which they are a member and proof of pre-registration.

Golf Club

Competitions from 1st April 2022

Register for the competition on the computer in
the pro-shop and pay the fee prior to playing .
This constitutes entering the competition.

Ensure the following are on your scorecard
(usually on pre-printed label) - Today’s date, your name, WHS number, name and
format of competition, Handicap Index, Course Handicap and preferably Playing Handicap.

From April 1st 2022 your Handicap
Index must be recorded to avoid a possible disqualification under the Rules of
Golf. Golf Ireland policy recommends that the Course Handicap and Playing Handicap
should also be recorded.

your card with reference to your COURSE

Enter the gross score for each hole.

In a stableford competition, you can still enter
a dash once you have used up your shots (course handicap shots).

In a stroke/medal competition, you must enter
all strokes taken on your card, but a maximum of net double bogey will be
counted for handicap purposes.

Your playing handicap will be used on the
computer later to calculate your stableford 
points or net score for competition purposes depending on the format of
the competition.

On completion of your round, ensure you agree
your gross score for each hole with your marker and the card is signed by both
player and marker.  (special rules for
the covid-19 period).

There is no need to agree stableford points as
this will be calculated by the computer using your playing handicap and may be
different to those calculated using your course handicap.

Scores must be entered into the computer either
in the hall beside the men’s locker room or in the ladies locker room terminal.
The computer will calculate your total competition points or net score. Enter
this total on the bottom corner of your scorecard put the card into the
relevant card box. Scores must be entered shortly after completing the round.

Scores will be uploaded to Golf Ireland at 12.00
midnight each night (even if the club competition has not been closed). A PCC
(playing conditions calculation) will be calculated  and applied to all scores submitted that day
for handicapping whether in competitions or in general play cards.

Handicap indexes will be recalculated each night
and will be updated ready for play the next day. Please check your golf Ireland
app as these adjustments will not be posted in the clubhouse.

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